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Selecting a quality solar panel from the hundreds of different models and many manufacturers can be a very difficult task. Here we provide a guide to choosing the best panels based on quality, efficiency, reliability, performance and return on investment. We also offer insight into the many innovations being used to improve performance, this is explained in detail in our solar technology guide.

For those not familiar with solar, read our introduction to solar panels here. In summary solar photovoltaic (PV) modules or simply solar panelsĀ have not changed much in basic function over the last 30-40 years. Virtually all solar panels still use a series of silicon cells to convert sunlight to DC electricity. What has changed dramatically is the efficiency of the cells and more so the huge cost reduction to manufacture panels, which has come down by over 80% since 2008.

In Australia the Clean Energy Council (CEC) has an approved database of solar panels which ensure that certified solar installers use modules which are fire rated and conform to the solar & electrical safety standards. See the CEC approved list of solar modules here